Here are your keys to success.

In order to open a lock you need a key? Right?

These books produced by our team here at Achievement Pyramid are your keys to success. Each book is jam packed with tons of helpful information to help you climb to the top.

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Secrets Of Success-The Ultimate Guide to Secrets of Success.

There would be no success without failure, because success does not happen overnight. There is so much work and so many steps that need to be taken in order to become successful in any area of our lives.
The important is to be aware all the time. The journey to success will be always impregnated with risks, decisions to make, ideas to put into action, setbacks, unexpected obstacles and even sabotage from other people or yourself. When we see the danger ahead and we are not prepared to face the failure, we might end up self sabotaging our own careers or relationships or goals just to avoid the disappointment. That is a mechanism of coping with failure that means avoiding failure and preventing it to happen by staying away from the risks. It means playing it safe. It means fear.

Fear is not going to bring you closer to success. Fear might keep you away from failure because you want to protect yourself, your business, the people around you, but fear will also keep you away from success. Because you will not be taking an opportunities from fear of the unknown. And there is no way to succeed without trying, without taking those opportunities and facing the uncertainty. And also failing. As a Japanese proverb says, "Fall seven times and stand up eight."

Declutter Your Mind - Declutter Your Mind And Live A Stress-Free Life Today!

Mental clutter could very well be dramatically decreasing your quality of life, but only you can say for sure. As such, it is time to stop reading and start actively taking your mental state into your own hands. Look through the symptoms discussed in the first chapter and see if they apply to your life. If they do, take steps to clear them up once and for all; and if they don’t, do what you can to remain vigilant against them in the future. Remember, remaining free of mental clutter is a marathon, not a sprint. As such, slow and steady wins the race.

In life, it is not how much you have, it is how you value what you have. This is the way to gain happiness.

Intermittent Fasting: Beginners Guide To Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss!

In case you have already heard of intermittent fasting, but don't know how it works, this is the perfect book for you. During the course of this book, you will learn how Intermittent Fasting works, how beneficial it is and to make it simple for you. Many consider the idea of intermittent fasting as a difficult task or an unsafe method, which could cause complications to their health. Though there are side effects associated with this method, it gets serious only when the person using this type of fast is not careful about choosing his diet protocol. Therefore, it is crucial to understand Intermittent Fasting before you practice it.

Intermittent fasting is simple when compared to other fasting methods. You need to fast for the prescribed period of time, and then consume the calories required for your body during the eating window. This eating window can be for six to eight hours on an average in a day. Does it sound unhealthy or uncomfortable to you? Well, it isn’t. This fasting method is a useful tool to improve your dietary compliance.

Many people who had already practiced intermittent fasting enjoy the method more than the traditional eating patterns people use in this day and age. This is because it allows you to have larger meals during the eating window.

Have you been struggling to lose weight for a long time? Then this book has the PERFECT solution for you.

Success Habits-The Fundamental Guide to Habits of Highly Successful People.

The most important question to ask yourself when thinking about your life, your goals, and your habits is, “What do I want to achieve?” For example, if you want to live in Italy one day, one of your most important goals is likely to learn Italian. How do you begin learning the Italian language? You would make it a habit to study Italian for several hours per week. That brings you to the topic of how to form that into a habit.
Habits are learned and everybody learns differently. Use the strategies listed below and experiment a bit with yourself to see what works best. Once you have a great strategy for learning new habits, you can begin thinking about your life, your goals, and the habits that you want to learn in order to get you where you want to be in life.

Dropshipping: The Fundamental Pocket Guide To Starting Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping has become a popular business model for the internet generation. There are a number of success stories in which a person is able to set up an internet store with some unusual products and make a name for herself, enough so that being an internet entrepreneur becomes her full-time job.

There are a number of pitfalls to avoid though. From designing a bland website, to picking unpopular or unprofitable products, to working with suppliers that charge so much for their service that you are left with no money left over there are any number of ways to fail.
However, with hard work, especially in the prep phases and a lot of research it is still possible even in today’s saturated market to build a business that will grant you the freedom from cubicle farms that you have always desired.

Leadership: The Ultimate Guide To Being A Great Leader

What does it take to be a good leader? Perhaps you’ve been recently promoted at work, or maybe you’re the boss of a business. It could be you’ve been in a leadership position for a long time, whether in retail, the service industry, production, human resources, education, finance, a blue chip company, or maybe even as a line manager. The possibilities are endless.

Weight Loss: Igniting Your Weight Loss Motivation: Five Proven Steps to Get You Back On Track

Motivation is basically everything! From getting your home properly cleaned to maintaining a particular diet, motivation gives you the required will power that backs up your every step and also helps you achieve every one of your desires.

If your motivation is at a crescendo, you are bound to feel quite energized, determined, focused and driven. Nothing is going to be able to stop a motivated man even if it means doing stuff that he is not cool with. You simply get to work, cleaning your home, sending the letter and getting started on that diet. Not one of these appears like a challenge, you simply get to it right?

This book will help you get your motivation at such high levels that NOTHING will prevent you from overcoming your biggest challenges!

Positive Thinking: The Fundamental Guide To Putting Positive Thinking To Practice.

What Is Positive Thinking?
Positive thinking is all about seeing the bright side of things no matter what. In other words, teaching yourself to perceive things in a better light rather than worse, consciously. Why is this good? A positive person attracts positive things and hence, is able to live a better, fuller, healthier and most important of all happier life.
It is very important that you make up your mind to see the good, the silver lining, in every situation. Only when you master this art, you would be able to move through life (relatively) unscathed by the troubles it throws at you. As Abraham Lincoln said, “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” It’s just the way you look at it.

Positive thinking is always hoping that the best happens, but not blindly. You are aware that things could go wrong and of what could go wrong and you prepare yourself to prevent any mishaps. Whenever things do go wrong, instead of despair you see a new opportunity.

Blockchain Technology: The Ultimate Guide to Blockchain Technology for Beginners

Among the many things commercial in our lives for which we need records, the blockchain - being an open ledger - can store many of these records. We can retrieve these records as and when we need them. Since the nodes in the blockchain that have the records remain distributed, we refer to the blockchain as the distributed ledger. Not everyone in the blockchain may want a copy of your records. They want to keep their own records. But, because of the integrity of the blockchain, you can use it to validate transactions.

Goals: CHOOSE A TARGET, TAKE AIM : The Official Goal-setting Handbook

In 1972, as a ten-year old boy, Jim was much different from boys of his age. While a lot of his friends were just getting to grips with education and what they wanted to do with their life, Jim did not just have a goal, he was already living his goal. Jim might only have been ten but he had a strong desire to one day be a famous comedy star and in line with his dreams, he was confident enough to send his resume to the Carol Bunnet show, positive that he was already a good enough impressionist. He didn’t get the job but the episode showed clearly his fixed aim of becoming a global screen star one day in the future.

And then, at the age of fourteen, a serious threat to his dream showed up; his father lost his job and his family lost their home. The family survived by living in a VW van parked on a relative’s lawn and young Jim had to shelve his dreams to work hard eight hours a day to support his family. Throughout all these though, his focus and desire never wavered for once and he kept his eyes on his goal. Soon, the fortunes of his family improved a little and he was able to move to focus on his goal a bit more.

At the age of fifteen, Jim got on the stage for the first time but his comedy routine bombed with the audience and was a resounding failure. Undaunted, Jim kept on practicing his routine and most importantly, believed in himself. He soon moved to Las Vegas as yet another hopeful lad trying to create a career for himself. He however had something most did not have; an unwavering belief in his goal. Each night, Jim would practice his routine and at the end of the night, he would applaud himself and write himself a fake check as payment for his performance. At the height of his playacting, Jim wrote himself a check of ten million dollars in respect of acting services rendered, dated for Thanksgiving 1995. Tall order for a teenager who seemed to have no special skills, right?

In 1994, a full year before his check was due, Jim Carrey hit success. He acted the lead role in three hit movies which grossed a total of $550million, making him the second highest grossing actor of the year behind only Tom Hanks. For Dumb and Dumber alone, Jim was paid seven million dollars. Dream achieved!!! Today, after a long and productive career, Jim Carrey is rightly considered one of the most successful comedy actors of modern times. And it all started with a goal.
As humans, we are wired naturally to try to succeed, to blaze a trail and live out our dreams. From time immemorial, success has been second only to base survival and it has dominated the consciousness of the society we live in. It seems to be the prerequisite for true happiness and fulfillment. And duly, from the day we attain full mental consciousness, we begin our race against the odds to reach utopia.
Yet, for all of our struggles, most attempts to create success fail dismally. For every success an individual records, there are millions of other individuals who are at the verge of failing. For every breakthrough, we record many setbacks and dead ends. Statistics and the odds show that every new attempt is more likely to fail than succeed. Yet, within these gloomy prospects, a caste of men has arisen undaunted by the circumstances and grown to become perennial successes. Just as startling, history has continued to furnish us with examples of individuals who trumped above all problems.

How do these notable exceptions do the unthinkable?

How do they successfully climb the mountain everyone else thought was impossible?

Why are they successful while others are not?
The reason most people never make the journey to success; simply because they do not have a goal, a destination for the journey and they remain failures.

This is what this book will give you; an opportunity to FINALLY SUCCEED by choosing your goal and allowing it to fuel your engines as you make that dash towards personal success and true joy and happiness.